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First Day of Diwali

Annually during September and October Diwali is celebrated in almost every region in India. It teaches us to do away with ignorance and to be rid of the darkness that shadows the light of knowledge.

The first day of Diwali is Dhanteras, which means wealth. Houses get decorated and many women purchase gold to welcome the Goddess of Prosperity.

The second day is Nakra-Chaturdashi. It’s to remember when Lord Krishna killed the demon king Narakasur. Many take sesame oil baths with peppercorn and cumin seeds to represent how the women bathed him and seduced him with hindi phone sex after the bloody battle.

The third and most important day is Lakshmi Puja, which is devoted to Goddess Lakshi. People go to fairs, temples, and visit family and friends.
The fourth day is Padwa Day. Dietes are dressed with diamonds and rubies after milk baths.
The fifth and final day is Bhayya-Duj, a symbol of love between siblings.

Brand New Business

I have started my own online marketing business and I am having issues with starting out. It feels like clients are coming in slowly and I am doing all I can to keep money rolling in. So far I have worked with Nottingham escorts and a night club in Texas. I know things always are hard when starting up but I seemingly have no patience and just want to have my business up and running efficiently. I have made business cards and sent my number to numerous companies, I am just waiting to here back from a large majority of them. While I am waiting for all these phone calls I am going to try to get myself well organized and try and clean my computer out so I have more space for all the future work I will be saving to it. I myself can get unorganized at times so I am really going to try hard to get myself together before the business is up and running in full swing.

Dollar Signs

I consider myself to be a very good looking middle aged man and I seem to have a problem keeping a relationship, this has been going on for years. My job is the problem because I make over $100,000 year and the women just want me for my money. As soon as they see dollars signs they are ready to jump into a serious relationship, want to move in and get married immediately.

I am not against marriage but I am against it if it just all about the money. So my solution that I have now is to just have a local fuck on standby. The way I look at it is that I don’t have to deal with relationship problems and pressures. In the same sense I am human and do get horny often so I am always looking for fun!

A Bad Night

Not excited about talking about this but I went to jail for the first time in my life last night! Not impressed with this story, but here it goes. I got hooked up with a man from Nottingham escort agency and decided to go out to the bar with him for just a couple of drinks. Well, we all know how a few drinks turns into many. I hardly remember anything that happened, all I know is that I woke up in a cell, no rememberance of what happened and they said I came in without a wallet, keys, or phone! I was let out as soon as I woke up and made a bail call, I also found out I was charged for disturbing the peace and operating under the influence. This is exactly why I tell my friends that I am not the “going out” type of person. I get in way to much trouble.

Embarrassing Bowling

While my wife an I were still gay dating, we decided to join a bowling league. If you are a league bowler, you will know that each weeks session involves three games.

Being the macho man I thought I was, each time I took my turn, I had to fling the ball with all my might in order to impress my sweety. Now, being young and naive is not a good mix with being macho. My fingers were not accustomed to bowling and especially throwing the ball so aggressively. As the night wore on, My thumb began to swell, yet I continued to throw as hard as I could.

With each toss, my thumb would stick slightly more than the last toss and make a loud ‘pop’ as it released. It hurt, but I couldn’t let her know that! My last throw of the evening, I reared back, ran to the line and threw with all my might. My thumb did not release this time until my arm reached the apex of the follow through. At that point, the ball quite painfully released from my thumb and proceeded to bounced off the ceiling.

The bowling alley was crowded and I do believe that everyone in the place was watching, I went straight from macho to meek and red faced as I quietly took my seat!

I Promise I’ll Try

I love the fact that I can sit here and say that I actually went on a date with a man of higher standards than my ex-husband. Though he came from Leicester escorts, he was still a “real” date in my eyes. We had a very good time together and seemed to spark great conversations with one another. I very much enjoyed the dinner we had at a lovely five-star restaurant just a few blocks from my hotel. We share a bottle of wine, discussed the downfall in our economy and even talked briefly about our personal lives. I was actually pretty bummed out when our night came to an end. I knew that there was only a small chance in the world that I would ever be able to go on a date with him again. But that does not mean that I won’t try!

Saving Myself From Stress

In high school I always heard other kids talking about a fuck buddy and how cool it was to have one. Now that I am older I can look back at it all and laugh. I used to think of it as cool, but now I think of it as a way to stay away from relationships and to avoid drama at all costs. I haven’t been married yet just normal on and off relationships that seem to haunt you for years after the breakup. It’s been almost a year since my last one and I must say I have learned my lesson. I do not date now, I just go out and have a good time with no strings attached. It definitely saves me tons of stress and the craziness that commitment sometimes brings.

Oh why not?

It was so stereotypical. The former high school nerd is left dateless again. No date for senior prom and now no date for the first major class reunion either. It’s not that Sheila had never had a date, the reality was far from that. In fact, as an employee of Mansfield escorts she often had several dates per night. But these aren’t the kind of dates who would want to go to a high school reunion.

Left with few alternative options, Sheila decided to bite the bullet and call in a favor from a co-worker. She speed dialed Allen. He was tall and dashing with green eyes that would leave the former cheerleaders green with envy. The best part of the arrangement, though Sheila, was that at the end of the night she could be sure she’d be walked home and given at least a good night kiss, maybe more.